The Santaland Dairies, By David Sedaris
Directed by Tim Moore
Rated R (Recommended for mature audiences)

December 15,17, 21, 23, 24, 25, 28

What’s the recipe for a hilarious Christmas Season? David Sedaris’ hilarious, true story of working as a misguided elf at the Macy’s flagship store in New York City. Add returning guest artist and popular Thingamajig actor James Scott. Sprinkle in inherent cynicism, gleeful wickedness, and an elf outfit. Bake at 420°. You’ll wonder how you survived the holidays before Thingamajig’s THE SANTALAND DIARIES! Starring James Scott

“A delightfully thorny account of working as a Yuletide elf at Macy’s. Priceless observations, both outrageous and subtle. Destined to hold a place in the annals of American humor writing.” — NY Times

“A sardonic, merrily subversive tale—just the antidote to bright-eyed joy before too many shopping days have passed. Worth more than a photo album full of Santas!” — NY Newsday

“THE SANTALAND DIARIES is quite possibly the thirty-one funniest pages of text published in the past quarter century…David Sedaris slays me.” — Seattle Weekly